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GeoEnviroPro 2018 Winter/Spring Training Program!

As contaminated site practitioners, we know how important it is to stay up-to-date. The GeoEnviroPro Winter/Spring program has been designed to provide the professional training you need. The program includes FREE weekly Talks for sharing of experience and innovation by contaminated site experts, monthly extended training webinars with certificate of professional development, and some face-to-face workshops …

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About GeoEnviroPro

GeoEnviro Training Professionals Inc. (GeoEnviroPro)

We all experience the accelerating pace of change in environmental science and engineering. Policy and regulations are rapidly evolving – at the same time that institutional knowledge is lost with each retirement. Budgets are tight and time scarce. Sometimes we slip, trying to keep abreast of best practices and innovation. Decision makers, risk managers and consensus builders strain to digest a flood of marginal…

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Our Team

The Team
  • Guy C Patrick MSc, PEng (BC, SK, YK)

  • Scott Steer MET, RPBio

  • Reidar Zapf-Gilje PhD, PEng

  • Pete Craig

Guest Speakers
  • Margaret Shaw M.Sc.

  • Dr. Dennis Helsel PhD

  • Ian Hers P.Eng., Ph.D., CSAP

  • Daphne Grant

  • Trish Miller R.P.Bio

  • Christopher J. Neville M.Sc. P.Eng.

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