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GeoEnviroPro Talks  will be held every Wednesday at 10 am PST. The topics will be announced a week in advance. We have combined experience with every aspect of practice – from the excavator to the courtroom – and have been involved throughout the evolution of the contaminated field science and regulations in BC. Now distilled freely into 30 minute chunks. These sessions are FREE!

After 35+ years of site investigations and cleanup, we’ve seen a few things out there…and it’s time to share!!

Upcoming 2018 GeoEnviroPro Talks will cover interesting topics such as:

  • PAH Forensics
  • Risk Assessment case studies
  • Soil Vapour new developments
  • Remediation case studies
  • Tools for Better report writing
  • Groundwater models


Feb 28th: The Permeable Reactive Barrier by Pete Craig

Summary: Since everyone seems to be including PRBs in their remedial options assessments (usually by asking an innocent, guileless contractor to do a free “budgetary” estimate), let’s take 20 minutes to review how they work, how you build them, and what drives the costs.

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To access the following past recordings, click here

  • [FREE] Introduction to GeoEnviroTalks by GeoEnviroPro’s four partners: Reidar, Guy, Pete & Scott.
  • October 11 – Creosote Legacy by Reidar Zapf-Gilje
  • October 18 – Hot Buttons #1 – The Conceptual Site Model by Guy Patrick
  • October 25 Evaluating the groundwater pathway to marine environment without putting a toe in the water: Ecological Risk Assessment case study by Beth Power
  • November 1  – Murphy’s Inference: Why the open excavation looks nothing like the cross-section- A few anecdotes about Conceptual Site Models gone bad by Pete Craig
  • November 8 – New methods for quantifying natural source zone depletion (NSZD) rates for the management of petroleum hydrocarbon sites by Parisa Jourabchi
  • November 15th – Terrestrial Risk Assessment Triad by Suzanne Simard and Trish Miller
  • November 22nd – Assessment of Fugitive Natural Gas on Near-Surface Groundwater Quality in NE British Columbia: A Multicomponent Research Study by Dr.Roger Beckie and Dr. Aaron Cahill
  • November 29th – Dry Cleaner Investigations and Case Studies – An International Problem by Guy Patrick
  • December 6th: Risk-Based Approach to Closure of Dump Sites on Remote First Nation Lands in B.C. by Jeff Christie & Ananthan Suppiah.
  • December 13th: Dry Cleaner Revisited by Guy Patrick.
  • January 10th: Re-Introduction to GeoEnviroPro Talks.
  • January 17th: Risk Assessment of Reptiles by Scott Steer.
  • January 24th: PAH Forensics by Guy Patrick. 
  • January 31st: Introduction to Health Canada’s Conceptual Site Model Builder Tool by Thalia Zis and Deanna Lee. 
  • February 7th: Risk Assessment of PAH Contamination in Soil at an Agricultural Site by Scott Steer
  • Feb 21st: Progress towards closure – Remediation and Risk Assessment of the Furry Creek Watershed of the Britannia Mine by Christine Thomas of Golder
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Why are we doing this?  The objective of GeoEnviroPro Talks is to further support the application of solid environmental science in the real world, and to introduce new concepts to solve old problems. We want to build a community of contaminated site practitioners and look forward to helping you on your professional journey.

Some of BC’s most experienced remediation practitioners, including Dr. Reidar Zapf-Gilje and Hydrogeologist Guy Patrick, are pulling together over 104 years of cumulative experience to have some frank, honest, focused talks on critical issues to practicing professionals today.

We’ll spend ½ hour each week presenting and discussing important and interesting topics with you – topics relevant to environmental professionals. New technical tools (and some old ones!), regulatory issues, case studies, remediation, emerging (and emerged!) contaminants, and risk assessment. We promise to include time for dialogue and questions.

Upcoming Events

  1. Weekly Webinar Wednesdays

    January 2 - June 22

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