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The recordings of several previous webinars are available for you to view at your own time.

Free Webinar Recording

Check out the webinar on the Introduction to Conceptual Site Model (CSM) held on Jan 2017! In this recording, you will hear from the presenters of the Fundamentals Webinar series on how the CSM is implemented at the various stages of the site investigation and remediation process.

Recordings of our Spring 2016 webinar sessions

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These sessions will provide you with the fundamentals of contaminated sites science, engineering and regulation:
• The Conceptual Site Model and Regulatory Requirements
• Site Investigation Planning and Interpretation
• Hydrogeology Fundamentals and Groundwater Fate and Transport
• Soil Vapour Fundamentals and Vapour Intrusion Assessment
• Ecological Risk Assessment
• Human Health Risk Assessment
• Remediation and Risk Management
• Monitored Natural Attenuation

Taught by experienced contaminated sites experts, who provide a practical approach to what matters most through real life examples.
• Reidar Zapf­-Gilje, PhD, PEng, CSAP, Contaminated Site Expert and Adjunct Professor
• Scott Steer, MET, RPBio, CSAP, Contaminated Site Risk Expert and Environmental Toxicologist
• Guy Patrick, MSc, PEng, CSAP, Contaminated Groundwater Expert and Adjunct Professor
• Ian Hers, PhD, PEng, CSAP, Contaminated Soil Vapour Expert and Adjunct Professor
• Pete Craig, MSc, PChem, GDBA, Spill Response and Contaminated Site Remediation Expert

Upcoming Events

  1. FUNDAMENTALS IN REMEDIATION -Topic 3: Extraction and Ex Situ Physical & Chemical Methods

    May 30 @ 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM UTC-8

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