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  • Sep 19

    Comparing Data to Standards Using Statistics: Why and Howkeyboard_arrow_down

    Many regulations compare a mean or percentile of observed data to a standard or guideline.  If the mean exceeds the standard, the soil/water being sampled is out of compliance.  If more than an allowed percentage (say 10%) of observations exceed the standard, the soil/water is out of compliance.  Such comparisons lead to elevated false positives, false statements of non-compliance.  The statistical approach compares a confidence limit on the mean or percentile rather than the parameter itself to the standard value.  Why should a confidence limit be employed?  What are the drawbacks to using the observed mean or percentile?  After answering these questions, the method for comparing a confidence limit to a standard is illustrated.

    Dr. Dennis Helsel of Practical Stats

  • Sep 12

    Quality of Chemical Datakeyboard_arrow_down

    By Guy Patrick. Guy is a contaminant hydrogeologist and environmental engineer with over 30 years of experience in the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites in soil, sediment and bedrock environments.

    Guy Patrick; MSc, PEng (BC, SK, YK)

  • Sep 5

    Introduction to 2018/2019 GProTalkskeyboard_arrow_down

    We're excited to kickoff our 2018/2019 weekly webinar series GeoEnviroPro Talks (GPro Talks) with a Introduction to the upcoming series and our partners.

    GeoEnviroPro Partners

  • May 30

    Christopher De Sousa , MScPL, PhD, MCIP, RPP - Director, Professor School of Urban and Regional Planning

  • May 23

    PFAS – An overview on sources, site investigation and data interpretationkeyboard_arrow_down

    Presented by: Stefano Marconetto, M.Sc., P.Eng. | Associate, Global PFAS Practice Leader, and Senior Environmental Engineer Stefano is a Senior Environmental Engineer and Associate at Golder. He is based in Ottawa, Canada and he is the Golder global practice leader on site investigation and remediation of PFAS. His 10+ years of experience on PFAS includes site characterization, risk assessment and remediation at military bases, firefighting training facilities, landfills, airports, manufacturing and power plants in North America and abroad. Mr. Marconetto has also provided technical training as well as support to government and private clients in their liaison with project stakeholders on PFAS related issues. He authored or co-authored several presentations and guidance documents on PFAS. More broadly, Mr. Marconetto is responsible for technical direction and management of environmental engineering and hydrogeology projects in Canada and internationally. He has provided in-house technical support to government departments and technical assistance for legal cases.

    Stefano Marconetto, M.Sc., P.Eng. | Associate, Global PFAS Practice Leader, and Senior Environmental Engineer


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