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GPro Talks

The GPro talk series is a weekly webinar allowing attendees to learn about specific topics related to environmental sciences. Each talk is lead by our senior specialists who’ve spent years in the field gathering experience and knowledge.

Make sure you sign up for the webinars, even if you can’t attend the live sessions, the replays are online for 48 hours post webinar!

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GeoEnviroPro Talks  will be held every Wednesday at 10 am PST. The topics will be announced a week in advance. We have combined experience with every aspect of practice – from the excavator to the courtroom – and have been involved throughout the evolution of the contaminated field science and regulations in BC. Now distilled freely into 30 minute chunks. These sessions are FREE!

After 35+ years of site investigations and cleanup, we’ve seen a few things out there…and it’s time to share!!

Past Talks

  • Jun 9

    GeoPro Talks – Use of Remote Sensing Tools for Enviro Science Applicationskeyboard_arrow_down

    Grant will share new and innovative remote sensing technologies and that serve Stantec’s global clientele better, faster and more cost effectively than traditional practices. From daily high resolution optical satellite imagery to complex RADAR datasets, Stantec’s Remote Sensing Center of Excellence has established a series of tools tailored to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Power, Infrastructure and Transportation sectors.

    Grant Wiseman

  • Jun 2

    GeoPro Talks – ACWA: An Innovation Sandbox to Develop Wastewater Treatment Solutions and Guide Policy Developmentkeyboard_arrow_down

    ACWA was designed to develop and test engineered technologies to remove pharmaceuticals and personal care products from municipal wastewater. Module performance can be determined by direct analytical chemistry and whole effluent effects on receiving environments can be determined by evaluating diagnostic tools and biomarkers in experimental streams. This presentation will identify some of the key design elements that make ACWA globally unique and provide infrastructure to help inform changes to policy and regulations.

    Leland (Lee) J. Jackson

  • May 26

    GeoPro Talks – Shedding new light on your environmental investigation using not so new advances in analytical chemistrykeyboard_arrow_down

    Analytical chemistry continues to evolve with the ability to detect more and more things in samples at lower and lower concentrations.  Now, it is moving into the big data realm.  Why limit what you look for when you can measure everything?Multidimensional chromatography has been continuing to progress since its first development in 1991 and the first commercialized instrument in 2002.  Since then, applications for its unique uses have been growing.  Comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) allows the separation and complete chemical characterization of very complex mixtures such as crude or refined petroleum hydrocarbon mixtures.This presentation will explain how GCxGC chromatography works and how different detection systems can be used to quantify and characterize petroleum hydrocarbons in crude oil or refined products to help elucidate source, age, and weathering. 

    Court D. Sandau, PhD

  • May 19

    GeoPro Talks – Environmental Employment Forecasts and Investing in Green Human Capitalkeyboard_arrow_down

    While most job losses brought on by COVID-19 in Canada and BC are expected to be temporary, there is a growing sentiment that some industries and occupations will take longer to recover. Environmental jobs are expected to rebound ahead of others and provide opportunities due to new roles in demand and the Government of Canada’s green economic recovery agenda, as well as high levels of retirement over the coming years. Investment in environmental sustainability areas such as contaminated sites, and the need for competent senior-level practitioners is driving a significant opportunity for employers and individuals in BC. A greater focus on talent management and skills development strategy is very important in order to align with these trends and support the shift to a skills-based economy.In this talk, ECO Canada and industry expert, Monte Anions will share the latest environmental workforce trends in BC, areas of opportunity that are driving new job growth and replacement demand, as well as solutions that can support.

    Angie Huk & Yana Jay, ECO Canada & Monte Anions

  • May 12

    GeoPro Talk – Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate: Non-toxic, and Non-corrosive Dust and Erosion Control Solution for Stock Piles and Mine Tailingskeyboard_arrow_down

    The presentation includes a case study on dust and erosion control of coal piles in Columbia using Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate: an environmentally-friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic polymer emulsion and mining solution. The product can be sprayed using water cannons or hydroseeders to seal stockpiles and mine tailings, preventing further disturbance of material.The presentation will also include an overview of the product used for the case study, and brief mentions of two additional products that utilize material found on unpaved roads for dust control and soil stabilization.

    Esma Al-Autman, B.Sc. Chem.

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Sample Past Webinars

Conceptual Site Model – Introduction


Why are we doing this?

The objective of GeoEnviroPro Talks is to further support the application of solid environmental science in the real world, and to introduce new concepts to solve old problems. We want to build a community of contaminated site practitioners and look forward to helping you on your professional journey.

Some of BC’s most experienced remediation practitioners, including Dr. Reidar Zapf-Gilje and Hydrogeologist Guy Patrick, are pulling together over 104 years of cumulative experience to have some frank, honest, focused talks on critical issues to practicing professionals today.

We’ll spend ½ hour each week presenting and discussing important and interesting topics with you – topics relevant to environmental professionals. New technical tools (and some old ones!), regulatory issues, case studies, remediation, emerging (and emerged!) contaminants, and risk assessment. We promise to include time for dialogue and questions.

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