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The GPro talk series is a weekly webinar allowing attendees to learn about specific topics related to environmental sciences. Each talk is lead by our senior specialists who’ve spent years in the field gathering experience and knowledge.

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GeoEnviroPro Talks  will be held every Wednesday at 10 am PST. The topics will be announced a week in advance. We have combined experience with every aspect of practice – from the excavator to the courtroom – and have been involved throughout the evolution of the contaminated field science and regulations in BC. Now distilled freely into 30 minute chunks. These sessions are FREE!

After 35+ years of site investigations and cleanup, we’ve seen a few things out there…and it’s time to share!!

Upcoming Talks

  • Dec 3


    Mar 17


    Join us beginning in early December for practical, web-based Contaminated Sites Risk Assessment Training!  Each of the four modules will include webinar-based instruction, exercises and Q&A sessions for discussions. WEBINAR PROGRAM SCHEDULE Module 1 - $200 Dec 3, 2019 - Human Health Risk Assessment Fundamentals - Part 1 90 min Dec 10, 2019 Human Health Risk Assessment Fundamentals – Part 2 90 min Dec 17, 2019 Q&A Session* 60 min Webinar Module 2 - $200 Jan 21, 2020 Ecological Risk Assessment Fundamentals – Part 1 90 min Jan 28, 2020 Ecological Risk Assessment Fundamentals – Part 2 90 min Feb 4, 2020 Q&A Session* 60 min Webinar Module 3 -$150 Feb 18, 2020 Advanced Ecological Risk Assessment – Food Chain Modelling 90 min Feb 25, 2020 Q&A Session* 60 min Webinar Module 4 - $150 Mar 10, 2020 Advanced Ecological Risk Assessment – Weight of Evidence Methods 90 min Mar 17, 2020 Q&A Session* 60 min Webinar *The Q&A sessions are for general discussion and to discuss the exercises that will be assigned following each instructional webinar WHO SHOULD SIGN UP? The course is designed for aspiring and junior risk assessors and others that want to gain a working understanding of contaminated sites risk assessment such as government regulators, project managers, lawyers and land owners. 20% discount for GeoEnviroPro members (Gpro members - watch out for email with promo code)!  Or Take All 4 modules for $600


  • Feb 26

    Phytoremediation Technologies for Conserving Salt and Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soilkeyboard_arrow_down

    All too often the solution of choice for dealing with contaminated soil is to dig it up and dump it in a landfill. It’s an easy solution in Canada where space is plentiful and the regulators don’t push for soil conservation. However, alternatives are available to treat the soil and conserve it. This talk will give an overview of Earthmaster’s PEPSystems® bacteria/plant technology as a method for treating contaminated soil to conserve it. The talk will review the treatment strategies used at several sites across western Canada, highlighting the versatility of phytoremediation for soil treatment. The economics of using PEPSystems to treat soil will be discussed along with the methods developed for predicting soil treatment timelines.

    Liz Murray


Past Talks

  • Feb 19

    Survey of PFAS Compounds in Edible Fish Species in Canadakeyboard_arrow_down

    Heather Lord, Manager, Environmental R&D for Bureau Veritas Laboratories discusses studies related to the levels of PFAS present in various fish species typically consumed by humans. This presentation will describe:

    • The methods used to analyse PFAS in tissue samples relative to other solids
    • Types and amounts of PFAS found grouped by species, habitat preference and source location
    • Potential consumption advisories for different groups according to developing guidance

    Heather Lord

  • Feb 12

    Seeing the Forest for the Trees – Studying Fate and Effects of Controlled Releases of Weathered Oil Products on Freshwater Ecosystemskeyboard_arrow_down

    P. Lovecraft said, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Nowhere is this more evident than the recent opposition and failure of major pipeline projects in North America, where a lack of information on the effects of release of oil products on the environment has created significant public and political unease.  The Freshwater Oiling Research Study or Project Forest addresses this critical data gap by examining the efficacy of spill clean-up, and the fate and behavior of residual oil in freshwater environments. With industry support and collaboration with university researchers, Stantec Consulting Ltd. and the International Institute of Sustainable Development – Experimental Lakes Area are leading a significant study to provide industry, regulators and the public with the sound relevant science they need about fate and behaviour of oil products in the environment after a release.

    Tanya Shanoff

  • Feb 5

    Groundwater Velocity Measurements – the Good, the Bad, and the Uglykeyboard_arrow_down

    This Talk provides an overview of the common and available methods to measure groundwater velocity at a Site – their strengths (the “good”) and weaknesses (the “bad”).  John then goes on to look at some interesting and unusual case studies where we see almost unbelievable results (the”ugly”).  Let’s see what these folks have to say!

    John Balfour and Guy Patrick

  • Jan 29

    “State of the Union| – Environmental Site Assessment & Remediationkeyboard_arrow_down

    This webinar/talk will focus on changes in regulations (Ontario focused) and technologies over time and reintroduce the benefits of HRSC and how remediation has changed over the years and where it may be headed in the future.

    Patrick O'Neill

  • Jan 22

    Environmental Process in BCkeyboard_arrow_down

    This presentation is designed for students, recent graduates aspiring to enter the environmental field as well as practicing professionals. It focuses on the environmental field of practice in BC which include contaminated sites investigations (Acts and Regulations, CSR schedules, Ministry fact sheets, technical guidance documents, protocols etc.), hazardous material surveys, environmental assessments, erosion and sediment control, environmental management plans. Jay Rao, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. (AB & BC), CSAP is the Manager for Environmental Services in Western Canada for EXP Services Inc. (formerly Trow Associates) with a total of more than 22 years of combined civil and environmental engineering experience. He directs and manages projects involving site assessments, remediation and risk assessments. He is a Contaminated Sites Approved Professional since 2011 in good standing. He has authored and managed environmental investigations on more than 30 medium to large scale environmental projects that have received BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy instruments including Approval in Principles and Certificates of Compliance over the years. He is a Director on the board of the Surrey Board of Trade and on Metro Vancouver’s National Zero Waste Council. He has investigated a variety of sites which have included works yards with road deicing salt storage related contamination, automotive repair shops, dry cleaners, gas stations, a former coal gasification plant, a former acetylene manufacturing operation, pulp and paper mill and an exploratory mine site. He has been involved in managing teams of contractors, engineers/scientists to set up remedial systems such as soil-vapour extraction, dual phase extraction and chemical oxidation systems at sites. He has also recently completed expert witness testimony on two supreme court cases, one involving a cost recovery action and the other involving a residential property affected by the migration of dry cleaning chemical and its degradation products.

    Jay Rao, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. (AB & BC), CSAP is the Manager for Environmental Services in Western Canada for EXP Services Inc.

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Conceptual Site Model – Introduction


Why are we doing this?

The objective of GeoEnviroPro Talks is to further support the application of solid environmental science in the real world, and to introduce new concepts to solve old problems. We want to build a community of contaminated site practitioners and look forward to helping you on your professional journey.

Some of BC’s most experienced remediation practitioners, including Dr. Reidar Zapf-Gilje and Hydrogeologist Guy Patrick, are pulling together over 104 years of cumulative experience to have some frank, honest, focused talks on critical issues to practicing professionals today.

We’ll spend ½ hour each week presenting and discussing important and interesting topics with you – topics relevant to environmental professionals. New technical tools (and some old ones!), regulatory issues, case studies, remediation, emerging (and emerged!) contaminants, and risk assessment. We promise to include time for dialogue and questions.

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