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Our Training Program

GeoEnviroPro  Training Program!

As contaminated site practitioners, we know how important it is to stay up-to-date. The GeoEnviroPro  programs have been designed to provide the professional training you need. The programs include FREE weekly Talks for sharing of experience by contaminated site experts, self-directed E-courses that can be accessed through our online learning portal, and face-to-face workshops and symposiums.

GeoEnviroPro Talks: Join us for 1/2 hour each Wednesday for insightful and focused Talks on critical issues to practicing professionals today.   These sessions are FREE! To find out about upcoming talks and past talks, click HERE

Certificate Training Webinars: Sign up for our training webinars on selected topics and earn professional training certificate in topics. For the full list of our webinars, click HERE

Workshops and Symposium: NEW! Livestreaming of Face-to-Face Workshop and Symposium. These events will be held at our home location of Vancouver, Canada. New this year is the option of on-line participation through the livestreaming of the presentations. This option will allow those of you to participate who are not able to join us Face-to-Face.

Next seminar May 8: Beyond Data. Sign up here

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