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The environmental webinars (GeoPro Talks) are a series of weekly webinar allowing attendees to learn about specific topics related to environmental sciences. Each GeoProTalk is lead by our senior specialists who’ve spent years in the field gathering experience and knowledge.

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GeoEnviroPro Talks will be held every Wednesday at 10 am PST. The topics will be announced a week in advance. We have combined experience with every aspect of practice – from the excavator to the courtroom – and have been involved throughout the evolution of the contaminated sites science and regulations in BC. Now distilled freely into 30 minute chunks. These sessions are FREE!

After 35+ years of site investigations and cleanup, we’ve seen a few things out there…and it’s time to share!!

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2022/2023 Season Launch Overview

Upcoming Talks, Webinars & Trainings

Our upcoming weekly webinars (GeoPro Talks), webinars and trainings explore different areas of environmental science and are led by our senior specialists, who with their many years of experience in the field, share their knowledge in these insightful and educational short talks.

GeoPro Talks – Since when does Oil not Float on Water?!?

GeoPro Talks – Since when does Oil not Float on Water?!?

October 12, 2022 10am PT
When light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) migration does not follow traditional conceptual site models, sinking deep below the groundwater table – A brief explanation with some examples. Stephen Munzar, M.Sc., P.Geo. Senior Hydrogeologist / Principal Core6 Environmental Ltd. Stephen has a Bachelors of Science in Geology and Masters of Science in Hydrogeology from the University of British Columbia. Stephen has over 20 years of combined geology and hydrogeology experience, specializing in hydrogeologic site characterization and remediation with particular expertise in evaluating the fate and transport of petroleum hydrocarbons, non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPLs), and inorganic substances. Stephen has presented on numerous technical hydrogeology topics at conferences within Canada and the US. He has also been involved in regulatory working groups tasked with developing guidance for conducting hydrogeologic investigations within BC.

Oct 2022

GeoPro Talks – Not to be Overlooked! Data Management Software as a Valuable Tool in Site Remediation

GeoPro Talks – Not to be Overlooked! Data Management Software as a Valuable Tool in Site Remediation

October 5, 2022 10am PT
With a steep rise in remote work over the last couple of years the need for centralized, cyber-secure, electronic field program management has never been greater. Often the most valuable commodity in complex site remediation is time and the ability to meet accelerated schedules set by clients or regulators. Lab data is a critical component of any remediation project, and the turnaround time of this data does not end when the final laboratory report is delivered. Data analysis must be completed before decisions can be made and this is where data management software plays a pivotal role in how quickly a project can move forward.

Environmental data management systems can offer full life cycle services from the initial lab quote to compiling historical data sets, all with the intention of saving time and money while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and data quality. With the analytical lab being an essential service to triage reliable data deliverables, input will be provided on how to best work with them in utilizing efficient processes in having visibility on quality data sets. The discussion would also include addressing data integrity with cyber-security measures to meet compliance and sustainability objectives. These valuable insights along with the adaptation of a well-integrated automated database provide environmental professionals the ability to streamline project management tasks, have confidence in quality measures, and effectively perform meaningful data investigation through reliable data sets.

Those currently working with a data management program will be interested to see some of the new features they can take advantage of to keep up with the latest innovations in field data and regulatory compliance monitoring. Industry-specific examples will be provided as an assessment of the beneficial impacts a well-organized data system has in meeting high-volume sampling events while implementing best business practices to effectively interpret automated data in offering environmental solutions. Environmental professionals whether using internal systems, working with hand-built spreadsheets and manual manipulation or any other data management tools can use this presentation as guidance on how to implement best practice environmental data management. Presenter Bios: Bryan Shaw, Ph.D.–CARO Analytical Services Bryan Shaw is Senior Technical Support Scientist with CARO Analytical Services. Bryan holds a Ph.D. inChemistry from the University of British Columbia as well as his Professional Chemist designation through the Association of the Chemical Profession of British Columbia (ACPBC). After gaining exposure in chemistry research through academia his career shifted to CARO Analytical Services in a client-facing role that utilizes his technical background. Bryan joined CARO as a Client Service Scientist handling some of CARO’s key accounts in the environmental industry. As a Senior Technical Support Scientist Bryan takes advantage of the industry knowledge gained while managing accounts to provide clients with technical support and provide operational guidance according to the latest environmental regulations and analytical practices. This role also affords the opportunity to collaborate on special project needs and the development of new analytical methods. Nick Tumney–EscIS Canada Nick, a Senior Implementation Manager at EScIS Canada, oversees the implementation and client management of ESdat. This includes onboarding, developing & providing training services, and other support services. Prior to EScIS, Nick spent 10 years working as an environmental consultant in Melbourne,Australia. His roles included project management, environmental sampling & fieldwork, and data management tasks for various clients across the contaminated land sector. Nick has a B.Sc. specializing in Earth Science and a Masters of Spatial Information Science. EScIS Canada, headquartered in Vancouver, provides environmental data management software, training, and other support services in the industry

Oct 2022

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