GeoPro Talks – Environmental Consulting in 2022 and beyond

November 2nd, 2022 by

This presentation will explore factors that impact the attraction and retention of qualified staff in the environmental services field in BC today.  We’ll consider the importance of “corporate cultures”, and how employee priorities, values, and expectations appear to have changed in recent years.  The presentation will include interactive anonymous polls to gauge how our workplaces are responding to these challenges.  If people are keen, we’ll end with an open discussion where we can share challenges and solutions.

Steve Boyce is a Principal and Senior Scientist with Active Earth Engineering Ltd. Steve’s areas of expertise include environmental site assessment, remediation, regulatory approvals, and soil relocation (to land and sea).  Steve particularly enjoys managing large projects that require coordination between multiple parties and collaboration between experts from diverse fields.  Steve’s primary clients include provincial ministries, Crown corporations, land developers, and property owners.  Steve came to the environmental field from a less-technical background (B.A. in Environment and Development from McGill University), and will often argue that strong soft skills as just as important as technical expertise when it comes to project success and client satisfaction in the environmental consulting industry.

November 2022