GeoPro Talks – New Guidance Released on Potential Contaminant of Concern Selection

March 9th, 2023 by

Legacy Environmental and Thurber Engineering teamed up to develop a one-stop shop guidance document for potential contaminant of concern (PCOC) selection for the most common commercial and industrial land uses and areas of environment concern (APECs). The document updates and builds on previous guidance prepared in 2018 by PGL and research conducted by SLR in 2020. The work was commissioned by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) of the Contaminated Sites Approved Professional (CSAP) Society.


Karey Dow is a senior project manager and contaminated sites specialist at LEGACY Environmental. She has 20 years experience in contaminated sites consulting in British Columbia. Karey’s technical expertise lies as a generalist and there is nothing she loves more than helping clients navigate the complex and ever-changing Contaminated Sites Regulation to see Brownfield’s redeveloped and infrastructure projects built.

Lora Paul is a Senior Environmental Engineer at Thurber with 22 years of experience in contaminated sites and has been involved in a wide range of environmental projects throughout British Columbia. Lora has experience on a variety of Commercial and Industrial sites for clients including federal and provincial governments, land developers, chemical manufactures, auto dealerships, oil and gas companies, municipal landfills and more.

March 2023