GeoPro Talks – Full-Scale In-situ (Underwater) Stabilization/Solidification (ISS) of Impacted Sediments [Kendall Bay, Sydney, Australia]

February 7th, 2022 by

Join GeoEnviroPro Wednesday, February 9, 2022, for insights into one of the most significant developments in sediment remediation this century: full-scale, in-place treatment.

Dr. Dogus Meric, P.E., has graciously agreed to present “First-to-Field Mass Mixing In Situ Stabilization/Solidification Remediation in Uncharted Waters of Kendall Bay”, an inside look at one of the few new approaches to managing sediment since the rapid spread of reactive caps a decade ago, in GeoEnviroPro’s free Wednesday webinar series. The Kendall Bay project is a world-first, with potential application across the industrialised economies.

Kendall Bay, off of the Parramatta River in the capital of New South Wales (NSW), Sydney, was once home to the largest manufactured gas plant (MGP) in the entire southern hemisphere, the Mortlake Gasworks. While the MGP site itself was remediated and developed for residential almost two decades ago, contaminated sediments remained. Gas supplier Jemena strove to produce a Voluntary Management Proposal for the hydrocarbons (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, total recoverable hydrocarbons, and BTEX). But adjacent residential land use presented large challenges to developing a protective approach that would minimize impacts on human health and quality of life. In Situ stabilization/solidification (ISS) of impacted sediments, and subsequent capping was selected as the preferred remedial approach – as opposed to a traditional dredging approach – to manage nuisance odour and minimize truck traffic.

This presentation provides an overview of technical and design approach to move this award-winning project from laboratory bench-scale treatability study to full-scale field application in an expedited manner, and presents invaluable lessons learned in overcoming many unexpected technical challenges.

Feb 2022