GeoPro Talks – Filling in Investigation Data Gaps before Remediation at Three Complex Sites

February 11th, 2022 by

Join GeoEnviroPro Wednesday, February 16, 2022, where we focus on 3 cases where remediation was made possible by high resolution characterization and instrumentation that provided a sound and defensible Conceptual Site Model (CSM).

John Sankey returns to GeoPro Talks to present “Filling in Investigation Data Gaps before Remediation at Three Complex Sites”, including 1) a railroad tie treating facility located adjacent to a lake with impacted sediments, 2) a gasoline fuel release with a plume underlying several residences, and 3) a chlorinated solvent site located in the Bay Area in California. See how Ultra HRSC was used to define the NAPL distributions, a segmented horizontal well (Vertebrae™ ) was used for plume characterization and remediation, and strategic injections of ZVI were combined with innovative performance monitoring to refine the conceptual site model and remedial design.

This presentation provides an overview of technical and design approach to move this award-winning project from laboratory bench-scale treatability study to full-scale field application in an expedited manner, and presents invaluable lessons learned in overcoming many unexpected technical challenges.

Feb 2022