Risk Solutions for Contaminated Sites – Wildlands and Remote Sites – Unique Conditions and Approaches

Risk Solutions for Contaminated Sites – Wildlands and Remote Sites – Unique Conditions and Approaches

June 3, 2020 @ 9:00 am - June 11, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

Virtual Workshop – Zoom ( , Online, )

Regular Price: $295

GOV/FN/EIT (or equivalent): $195

Student: $50


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In BC, we have been using risk-based solutions to manage contaminated sites for over 30 years. This annual workshop is for you and is all about sharing our learnings in an open and collegial atmosphere.  This year we’re doing it a bit differently.  The workshop will be conducted online using advanced networking software.   We will present, dialogue and share our experiences over the course of four 1.5-hour morning sessions, with plenty of time for Q&A.

The focus this year is on the challenges and successes in applying risk assessment and risk management (RA/RM) to contaminated sites situated in wildlands and remote areas.  Many of these sites are located within the traditional territories of indigenous peoples, and we’ll be including and learning from indigenous communities on the use of RA/RM on their lands.

Whether you are a site owner, project manager, regulator or service provider – there will be content for you, as well as opportunities to ask questions and exchange ideas.

This is the 2020 risk assessment workshop you won’t want to miss!  And your attendance will qualify for professional development hours!

Regular Price: $295

GOV/FN/EIT (or equivalent): $195 (Use coupon code: 100off)

Student: $50 (Use coupon code: student50)

GeoEnviroPro members receive a 10% discount on registration fees (use coupon code Gpro10) .

Register for the workshop at geoenviropro.thinkific.com . Contact info@geoenviropro.com for an additional 15% off coupon code if 3 or more people are registering for this workshop from the same organization.

If you are interested in presenting, contact info@geoenviropro.com before May 7th.




DAY ONE – June 3  –  Theme    –      Salt Sites

08:45            Welcome and Introductions

09:00          Salt Risks to Ecological and Agricultural Receptors – The Advantages and Limitations of Standard Approaches – Jennifer Mayberry, Steer Environmental

09:30            Saline Impacts in AB – Alternative Strategies for Site-Specific Risk Assessment – Doug Bright and Heather Murdoch, Hemmera

10:00            Phytoremediation – Case Studies, Predictive Modeling and Carbon & Cost Benefits – Elizabeth Murray, Kent Cryer, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc.

10:30             Discussion – Salt Sites  –  lead by Guy Patrick

DAY TWO – June 4 –   Theme   –   Remote Sites and First Nations

08:45            Re-cap and questions/discussion from Day One

09:00          Detailed Ecological Risk Assessments in North East British Columbia:  Tools and Approaches – Craig Harris, AECOM

09:30          Risk-based Landfill Closure at First Nations Sites in BC – Jeff Christie, Hemmera

10:00           Discussion led by Reidar Zapf-Gilje

DAY THREE – June 10 – Theme  –   Remote Sites

08:45           Re-cap and questions/discussion from Day Two

09:00          Detailed Ecological Risk Assessment of a Remote Marine Site on BC’s Central Coast – Scott Steer, Steer Environmental

09:30            Remote Site Risk Assessments – Challenges in Gathering Data at Remote Sites – Cindy Ott, SLR

10:00            Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment of Abandoned Mines in the Territory of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation – Norm Healey, Azimuth

10:30             Discussion led by Scott Steer

DAY FOUR – June 11 – Theme – Federal Sites

08:45            Recap and questions/discussion from Day Three

09:00            FCSAP Update – Lindsey Wilson, Environment Canada

09:30           Current and Future Use of Traditional Foods by Indigenous Communities: A Call for Greater Attention to Nutritional and Cultural Benefits When Considering Contaminant Risk Management Actions – Ron Haley, Hemmera

10:00              Class Level Environmental Risk Assessment of Multiple Remote Sites on Mackenzie River: An Effective Tool for Contaminated Sites Portfolio Planning – Heather Gretka, AECOM

10:30             Discussion led by Jenn Mayberry

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