Functional Bioassay Platform for Environmental Monitoring

Caro Analytical services in collaboration with the University of Alberta have developed an analysis that focuses on the cumulative effect of a water source on aquatic life regardless of the complexity of the contaminating mixture. Monitoring an immune response through gene expression allows one to identify stress on a species well before exposure becomes fatal or leads to irreversible effects.

The results outlined in this presentation have potential to provide cost-effective methodology for routine and continued monitoring of sites pre-, during, and post-remediation. Bioanalytical end-points will play a large role in our industry moving forward as current analytical methods struggle to stay relevant with a continuously growing list of contaminants of concern. The potential for this technology from both a regulatory and risk-assessment side is immense allowing for simple base lining of an environment while removing uncertainty in scope and ultimately replacing post-contamination sampling programs. This presentation will detail the successes to date and real world applications for this new line of testing with a focus on benefits for stakeholders.

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