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  • Feb 13

    Risk Assessment for Shipyard Redevelopment – Cates Landing, North Vancouverkeyboard_arrow_down

    Join GeoEnviroPro Talk on February 13th 10 am PST for the broadcast of a video recording from our one day face-to-face workshop last spring on Risk Solutions for Contaminated Sites - An Exposition of Case Studies. The case study is on Risk Assessment for Shipyard Redevelopment by Michelle Ashley and David Bell of PGL Environmental Consultants

    Michelle Ashley & David Bell

  • Feb 6

    Use of Forensics for Assessing Contamination from Multiple Potential “Heating Oil or Gasoline“ Sources – A Case Studykeyboard_arrow_down

    Join us for GeoEnviroPro Talks this Wednesday - 'Use of Forensics for Assessing Contamination from Multiple Potential “Heating Oil or Gasoline“ Sources - A Case Study' with Chuck Jochems of Hemmera on Wednesday, February 6th at 10am PST.
    Conventional analyses offered through commercial environmental labs are driven by regulated parameters, which don’t always answer questions with complex co-mingled and weathered petroleum hydrocarbon plumes.  In addition to BTEX, VPH, LEPH and PAHs analyses, forensic analysis of LNAPL samples helped identify the likely source of contamination at the site.
    The basic principles of forensic analysis using a suite of petroleum biomarkers will be discussed in the context of site issues.

    Chuck Jochems

  • Jan 30

    Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sites in BCkeyboard_arrow_down

    For 10 years Richard Römer witnessed the struggle of BC with land remediation strategies, policies and regulations and consequently the lagging redevelopment of brownfields. He explains why this has lead to a personal 'ethical crisis' and how we can change towards a more pragmatic and sustainable approach. His experience with a variety of environmental management regimes gives a unique perspective on BC's approach. Richard Römer has worked as a project manager and remediation specialist in the Netherlands and BC.  He has worked with industries, cities and governmental organizations on challenging and complex problems in order to achieve a balanced approach to the management of contaminated sites. In feasibility studies he compared site remediation options to social, economic and environmental aspects; a relative unique approach in BC but a widely accepted approach in the Netherlands. Richard Römer is a passionate advocate for a holistic approach to contaminated sites management, and presented his vision of incorporating social and economic aspects in the decision-making process on numerous occasions.

    Richard Römer

  • Jan 23

    Britannia Mine Site Development – Accounting for Climate Changekeyboard_arrow_down

    John Balfour is a Professional Engineer specializing in hydrogeology.  He has been practicing in the fields of contaminated sites, mining and water resources for about 35 years, mostly in BC, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

    At the site of the former Britannia Mine, the subject of the presentation, he has been involved in developing a municipal well water supply, contaminated sites investigations and developing a remediation plan on a coastal alluvial fan aquifer since 2004.
    The provincial Parent Organizations of contaminated sites professionals mandate that their members integrate climate change into their projects.  Guidance is available for future predictions of climate change indicators such as sea level elevation, stream flow, precipitation, air temperature, stream temperature and others.  These variables must be incorporated into conceptual site models for contaminated sites.  At the project site, the water table elevation and overall water balance are influenced by sea level, stream flow and precipitation.  The presentation will describe how these indicators have been incorporated into the CSM.

    John Balfour

  • Jan 9

    Re-Intro to GeoEnviroProTalkskeyboard_arrow_down

    We're excited to welcome 2019 weekly webinar series GeoEnviroPro Talks (GPro Talks) with a Introduction to the upcoming series and our partners.

    GeoEnviroPro Partners


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