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We all experience the accelerating pace of change in environmental science and engineering. Policy and regulations are rapidly evolving – at the same time that institutional knowledge is lost with each retirement. Budgets are tight and time scarce. Sometimes we slip, trying to keep abreast of best practices and innovation. Decision makers, risk managers and consensus builders strain to digest a flood of marginal science and chatter.

For experts, executives and practicing professionals, there is a proven way forward: focused professional development and knowledge management with a learning partner you can trust.

GeoEnviroPro is there for you. GeoEnviroPro attacks the problem with elite educational offerings from experienced leaders in their fields. And GeoEnviroPro will continue to offer engaging core events that the environmental community has come to expect.

GeoEnviroPro is committed to technical and instructional excellence. Each of GeoEnviroPro’s partners – Dr. Reidar Zapf-Gilje, Jenn Mayberry, Guy Patrick, Scott Steer and Pete Craig – share a common passion for teaching, for applying solid environmental science in the real world, and for supporting those who will take the field further. All are at your service. We look forward to helping you on your personal journey as a GeoEnviroPro.

Our Team

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Reidar Zapf-Gilje

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Pete Craig

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Jenn Mayberry

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Why We Do This

The objective of GeoEnviroPro is to further support the application of solid environmental science in the real world, and to introduce new concepts to solve old problems. We want to build a community of contaminated sites and environmental science practitioners and look forward to helping you on your professional journey.

Some of BC’s most experienced contaminated sites practitioners are pulling together over 125 years of cumulative experience to provide frank, honest and focused training on critical issues to practicing professionals today.

We’ll spend ½ hour each week presenting and discussing important and interesting topics with you – topics relevant to environmental professionals. New technical tools (and some old ones!), regulatory issues, case studies, remediation, emerging (and emerged!) contaminants, and risk assessment., and more. We promise to include time for dialogue and questions.

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