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  • Oct 21

    Brownfield redevelopment as part of sustainable building design and programmingkeyboard_arrow_down

    Henry McQueen is a Senior Development Manager at Concert Properties located in Vancouver, BC. As a former employee of the City of Toronto and a Registered Professional Planner, Henry brings public and private sector experience to the development of award-winning communities across British Columbia and Ontario. Focused on delivering complete communities, integrated sustainable building design and programming, Henry will share his experience in managing the design and development of brownfield sites and transforming them into thriving master planned communities.

    Henry McQueen


Past Talks

  • Oct 14

    “It’s likely background”…keyboard_arrow_down

    “It’s likely background”….That dreaded conversation you have to have with your client, when you know the constituent concentrations in soil and/or groundwater at their site are above standards, but likely background and you haven’t completed all the work needed to prove it. This presentation will discuss one of the main culprits for this uncomfortable conversation: the Contaminated Sites Regulation arsenic soil standards.  The presentation will go through: a timeline of changes to the BC arsenic soil standards in BC, the problem with the standard, other jurisdictions’ arsenic soil clean-up guidelines, what CSAP is looking into on the subject, and the presenter’s own thoughts on changes to the regulatory regime that could make arsenic and other constituents  more manageable within the regulatory process.

    John Taylor

  • Sep 23

    Disposal at Sea: the regulations, applications, and real-world challengeskeyboard_arrow_down

    An introduction to the permitting process, site requirements, and technical challenges of ocean disposal in BC, with specific focus on disposal of land-based excavation spoils. We’ll answer the following questions: • When is disposal at sea appropriate or not appropriate? • How does the approval process work, and how long does it take? • How is this activity regulated in BC, and how is compliance enforced? • What are the key risks to a successful disposal at sea project?

    Steve Boyce

  • Sep 16

    Conceptual and Visual Understanding of Hydraulic Head and Groundwater Flow A Learning Module of The Groundwater Projectkeyboard_arrow_down

    Join Andrew J.B. Cohen, PhD, environmental consultant and Adjunct Professor of Contaminant Hydrogeology at New Jersey Institute of Technology for GeoPro Talks on September 16, 20 at 10 am PT. This talk presents an introduction to a learning module available as part of a global initiative called The Groundwater Project ( The most fundamental underpinnings of groundwater science, namely hydraulic head and Darcy’s law, although simple in mathematical form, are often challenging to conceptualize and visualize, which are essential skills needed to interpret hydrogeologic data. Numerous sketches that relate hydraulic head and geologic properties to various flow scenarios are presented, and exercises are presented that require contemplation and integration of concepts, not solving equations.

    Andrew J.B. Cohen, PhD

  • Sep 9

    Introduction to GeoPro Talks 2020-2021 Seasonkeyboard_arrow_down

    Join us on September 9th, 2020 10 am Pacific time as we relaunch GPro Talks for another season.   Join the partners of GeoEnviroPro and find out about some of the upcoming topics, the presenters, virtual workshops, and new courses GeoEnviroPro will be offering.

    GeoEnviro Training Professional Partners

  • May 27

    RemChlor-MD to support delineation of old PCE impacted Groundwaterkeyboard_arrow_down

    RemChlor-MD process to be an efficient tool to support delineation of old PCE plumes particularly in vertical dimension. RemChlor-MD allows for efficient modeling of layered and heterogeneous systems, and rock systems with parallel fractures and matrix diffusion in aquitards. In this webinar, a short introduction to RemChlor-MD is presented along with a case study where an old PCE plume is simulated.

    Edwin Safari


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