GeoPro Talks: AI vs. Environmental Experts: Are Humans Becoming Obsolete in Remediation Design?

Will you one day soon lose your job to ChatGPT? As the environmental remediation landscape evolves, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in designing effective solutions. This abstract challenges the traditional role of human environmental professionals by exploring the potential of AI, such as ChatGPT, in shaping and executing […]

GeoPro Talks: Upcoming GeoEnviroPro Courses you don’t want to miss!

Join the GeoEnviroPro Team this Wednesday February 28, 2024, where we’ll discuss our upcoming courses and provide details on learning outcomes and costs.  We’ll take your questions and comments and discuss the future direction and best approaches that can help you gain key knowledge and insights in navigating  today’s contaminated sites industry.  Our upcoming courses […]

GeoPro Talks: PFAS Regulatory Flux – A Legal Perspective

PFAS have been an “emerging contaminant” for some time. As technical knowledge increases in the environmental professional sphere, is Canadian law keeping up? This presentation reviews key considerations about the state of PFAS regulation in Canada and considers questions such as: What is law and what is not law relating to the regulation of PFAS? […]

GeoPro Talks: A Tour of Groundwater Challenges in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco

This picture-rich presentation will provide insight into the challenges that rural farmers have faced as a result of a persistent drought that began in 2017. Namely, groundwater wells have dried, farms have failed, and new wells have not yielded sufficient water. A hydrogeologic assessment at 5 farms in the summer of 2023 reveal that there […]

GeoPro Talks: Intro to 2024 Season

GPro Talks welcomes you to the new year with more exciting and thought-provoking talks and learning opportunities.  Join the partners of GeoEnviroPro, old and new, and help us plan our next steps.  New formats?  Podcasts? More interaction?  Let’s explore together!   We are now in our ninth year (!), which means we have over 175 recorded […]

GeoPro Talks: Metal Leaching and Acid Rock Drainage Tests under Protocol 19 Soil Regulations

Protocol 19 Soil Regulations

BC’s Stage 14 Amendments to the CSR brought many changes, including Protocol 19, which outlines testing requirements when relocating non-waste soil from a source to a receiving site. For quarried material derived from bedrock, special testing requirements apply, including metal leaching and acid rock drainage (ML/ARD) evaluations, which are to be conducted by static tests […]