GeoPro Talks: Soil Vapour Innovation and Evolution of the Conceptual Site Model – Learning from 20 Years of Data Collection

The talk highlights the use of phytoremediation in Northeastern BC to remediate heavier end petroleum hydrocarbons (i.e., more recalcitrant compounds). An overview of site conditions (location, soils), regulatory requirements and client needs will be discussed along with the remedial option selection process. Several different plant species were planted to determine if one or more species […]

GeoPro Talks: Recap: Risk Solutions Workshop – Risk-based Approaches for Contaminated Sites

Join us Wednesday May 10th for a review and discussion of highlights and learnings from our recent Risk Solutions Workshop! We hope that you will contribute with comments and questions on the following topics:    Debrief of audience demographics and feedback and reflections of overarching themes of climate change impacts on risk assessments  Soil vapour discussion […]